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The social interactions you want, when you want them

Tired of all the broadcasting?
Feel like social media has lost its intimacy?

glmpse enables intimate and delightful video interactions.
When you request a glmpse from a friend, you share a moment.

Take control of staying in touch with those you love.
Get the interactions you want, when you want them.

Interactions by Request

You only receive a glmpse when you request one. Each interaction is conscious, focused, and intimate. Each interaction has meaning.

Short video glmpses

A picture says a thousand words; a video speaks volumes. Each glmpse is a short video, making the communication both rich and ultra low-friction.

Prompts and Commenting

By including a prompt with your glmpse request, you get what you want and can have some fun doing it. Comments on videos keep the fun alive.

Check out our demo

Want to learn more?

glmpse is a project from Preston Langholz, Adrian Sierra, and Moritz Sudhof.
To get in touch, email at moritz(dot)sudhof[@]gmail(dot)com.

Bootstrap template courtesy of Paolo Tripodi